Columbia Crest Winery - Crowdsourced Cabernet

Crowdsourced Cabernet

Columbia Crest Winery

With a target consumer thirsty for the craft and culture of wine, Cole & Weber made Columbia Crest the first winery to crowdsource the making of a wine. Ever. In history. Head winemaker Juan Muñez-Orca laid bare the major decisions in his process, allowing a crowd of wannabe winemakers logged in from all over the country to control the destiny of a premiere vintage. The following year, we asked Columbia Crest's crowd to elect the world's first executive crowdsourcing officer (E.C.O.), whose sole mission was to look after the crowd's interest as they worked on the new vintage. Both campaigns lifted the veil of mystery prevalent in the world of wine, and allowed consumers a peek inside the real craft of winemaking the Washington way.

First we crowdsourced a wine, then a winemaker.

Columbia Crest